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Dinners At Your Leisure

Personal Chef Service, Houston

Treat Yourself to a Private Dining Experience In the Comfort of Your Own Home—Not Just Tonight, But Every Night, With Our Semi-Private Chef Services

You do enough in a day, leave meal preparation, service and clean up, to us.

For the discerning client who prefers an all-inclusive, restaurant-style experience in their own home, our Houston-based semi-private chef services include:

  • Made-for-you meals that explore exotic cultures, cuisines and flavors
  • Grocery shopping, meal preparation and cooking in your home, using your equipment.
  • Tableside service that ensures your every need and/or request is accommodated.
  • The highest level of customization. Need breakfast for two on the balcony, lunches packed for you and the kids, and an impressive dinner prepared for 10 colleagues? As you wish. With semi-private chef services, you know you always have the perfect meal to enjoy alone, with the family or with any number of guests. Our services are designed to accommodate your fluctuating needs.
  • Clean up service, so you can settle in for the night knowing your kitchen is spotless. 

Enjoy elegant, private meals on demand.

Decadent flavors… convenience and privacy… it’s a new dining experience—and there will always be a table with YOUR name on it!