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Dinners At Your Leisure

Personal Chef Service, Houston

AYL Performance for Pro Athletes

Having worked with top performing professional athletes, we understand that in order to compete at a high level, proper nutrition is important for performance and recovery. We also understand that nutrition for the elite athlete is complex and not one size fits all – it varies from sport to sport and individual to individual. Your nutrition needs to be dialed in so that you can perform at your best. We also understand that proper nutrition will only get you so far if the food isn’t enjoyable.

Which is why we decided to create AYL Performance. We teamed up with some of the country’s top nutrition coaches who are experienced with the nutritional needs of top tier athletes, who use proven methods to get results, and that we trust with our clientele. Their nutritional expertise combined with the culinary skills of our team of chefs will help you have the best results possible.

Through experience, we have learned that the best possible results are always achieved when the nutrition coach and chef are in lockstep with open communication. By teaming up with nutrition coaches that we already have a close working relationship with, we can provide a one-stop shop for your nutrition and dietary needs; something we have found lacking in the world of professional sports.

How it works:

  • Initial consultation with Chef Stephanie to learn about your dietary & flavor preferences & assess kitchen equipment to be purchased
  • Chef Stephanie will connect you to a trusted nutrition coach who will assess your nutritional needs
  • After determining the level of service needed & chef schedule, we will use the information from the nutrition coach to plan your meals and menus. Meals will be prepared in your home, on your schedule (either served or prepared in advance for later heating)
  • If desired, menus can be submitted for approval in advance (typically on a weekly basis)
  • Chef Stephanie will assist you in maintaining your food log for your nutrition coach, which will provide the valuable info needed for them to evaluate and customize your nutritional needs

Customized nutrition coaching combined with our customized private chef services will help take your performance to a new level. In addition, you can also add on our traveling chef services to ensure that even while on the road, your nutrition stays on point.